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Body and mind, chaos and order, simplicity and complexity - the world of dichotomies is not black and white. Opposites create a turbulent field of tension, interference and collision in between them. Liquid Sound Collisions uses spoken words and the complexity of fluid mechanics to create snapshots of these dynamics. Each study sends recordings of two words that can be thought of as poetic opposites - subjectivity and objectivity - as vibration source into a fluid simulation. The waves created by the sound files run towards each other, collide and interfere with each others patterns. A frozen moment of this event is then translated into a 3D sculpture. ´╗┐


Rainbow Sound Collision

Here a demonstration of the application, being fed the stereo sound from the track 'Singing under the Rainbow' by World's End Girlfriend.

The Process Behind

A 2D fluid is used to create the data sets for the sculptures. The sound inputs are positioned on top and the bottom of the field. The amplitude information of the sound files is used to effect the velocity field of the fluid. When sounds are inserted, the dynamics propagate the forces throughout the field. The waves created from the two sounds move towards the center of the field, where they collide and interfere with each other. A moment right after the collision is manually chosen and the velocity field data is stored.

The velocity field data is mapped to a height value to create a 3-dimensional landscape.

The same data is then warped around a cylindrical form.

Hollow sculptures are created from ABS plastic with a 3D printer using fused deposition modeling. Each sculptures has a height of 110mm and a diameter varying between 35-70mm.



At Eastern Block, Montreal, Oct. 2010
At Truck Gallery, Calgary, Sept. 2011

Generative art, Moscow Biennale, Oct. 2011