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I managed to create a processing library! ZeoLibrary lets you import and analyse Zeo Sleep Manager data files with processing.

It is a very simple library (for now) but i am happy nonetheless because i managed to battle eclipse, ant compilers, javadocs and subversion. Everything went considerably smooth, so i thought i'd write down my own how-to guide, in case i (or you) ever want to do it again.

Graph drawn with the processing example zeoReader_drawz that is included in the library

Step by Step

Disclaimer: This guide shows the steps i followed when creating my first processing library. It is far from a comprehensive guide, it might not work for everyone and especially not every operating system, but it worked for me. Note: This is a Windows-7 guide.

1. Install Eclipse

First step of course, download and install eclipse.

2. Get Eclipse working with Processing

This is just so you get familiar with working on processing within eclipse, and to make sure you have all the JDK references set right.

3. Import and Testrun LibraryTemplate

Download and compile the processing library template (detailed instructions). The library template is was created by Andreas Schlegel.

4. Write Code and Compile

Now it's time to actually write your library.

5. Javadoc

If you are consistent with commenting your code, generating your documentation will be easy. Just follow a few simple rules, and all your commenting will live on in professional-looking reference pages.

6. Google Code SVN setup

In the spirit of Processing, why not share your code and invite others to contribute. Google-code and github are among the obvious options, and after spending some time with github and just a little bit of time with google-code, i must say i prefer google-code. And as google-code can do SVN and eclipse can do SVN, it is quite easy to link those two up:

Helpful Links along the way
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