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ANA and KATA are the directions into the fourth dimensions. The 4dimensional version of up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards.

Ghostly architectural shapes from outer space. Like a trick on our perception the shapes seem to be built from light and haze. Inside spaces and outside borders dissolve. The geometry lies to be grasped, yet escapes our logic - possibly into the fourth dimension.
While coding the 4D transformations of Hyper, I created this series of images for writtenimages. The book project showcases generative images - each book will consist of unique images that have been calculated individually. ana + kata didn't make the cut in the end, but it was a fun reason to play around with the 4D code some more.

What you see here are tracings of a hypercube, starting from an random initial position and then rotating a random amount of degrees into all four dimensions. While the hypercube rotates it is drawn onto the screen at every single frame. Disabling the opengl depth test gives the resulting forms are more voluminous and not flattened effect.